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April 2, 2012 / Derik Hamby

Holy Week Musings

Our church had a wonderful Palm Sunday.  The children and youth led us in worship and I have to admit great pride watching my daughter participate in worship. Now Holy Week is upon us.  We are traveling a path we have traveled before and will travel again.  Various traditions will walk this path in different ways.

Some churches will have daily services.  Some will experience Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  We will have travel through Scripture and song as we head through the events of that week.  We will come to that night in the Upper Room where Jesus gathered with his disciples.  We remember the washing of feet, the meal, and the betrayal.  Jesus will be handed over. He will be tried.  He will die.  Through choir presentations, communion, drama, stations of the cross, and many other ways Christians will remember all these events.

It will come to that cross.  And then to Easter morning where churches will be packed.

A few Easter Musings-

*Why do we neglect the journey and skip to the destination?  Many will not come out to these other events.  They will skip from Palm Sunday straight to Easter.  Tonight (Monday) is the big game in college basketball.  I will be staying up late to watch two teams fight for a championship.  Many folks will stay up late, attend parties and all this on a work night!  Yet Maundy Thursday and other evening events often are neglected and folks will excuse themselves because it is a week night and life is just so busy.

Perhaps we like the joy but we fear the reflection?  Repentance and reflection are not feel good moments.  We like feel good moments.  We don’t like struggling and confession.

*Easter Sunday always reminds me of the church that could be.  The energy, passion and crowds always remind me of the potential in our communities.  I’m glad folks are interested and welcome all to come.  I just wish that longing would happen at least a few times during the year.  I would love to see that excitement on a typical September, February or May Sunday.  Wouldn’t you?

But still I’m glad Holy Week is here. It’s my favorite time of the year.  I sense the possibilities all around me.  New life is here!  Yesterday our church was full and the excitement was there. The fellowship and worship was wonderful.  We gathered to eat and the kids hunted eggs.  I felt community and I felt grace.  I’m thankful.

So go to church this week!   Not out of obligation or guilt but out of a desire to encounter the God who wants to dwell within you.

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