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March 3, 2012 / Kristen White

Lessons from a Preschooler

When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we had many conversations centered on what we wanted to teach our kids about life and faith and the world. It seemed that all of our hopes for who this little one would become were summed up into one idea – that our child see every person as someone created in the image of God.

If he looks at himself and everyone else as being created in God’s image and loved by God, then faith, respect, love, self-worth, compassion…all of these things seem to fall in place. If we teach our children nothing but that, then we have done okay as parents.

With the birth of our second child, I worried, as many moms do, that Anderson would feel left out or jealous of the new baby. Upon arriving at the hospital to meet Baby Callum, Anderson immediately – and without any prompting – came over to hug, kiss, and welcome our new family member to the world. The moment could not have been any sweeter.

I kept waiting for the jealousy to hit, but it really hasn’t. Here we are, eight months later, and our sweet three-year old continues to shower his brother with love daily. He freely gives hugs and kisses, shares his toys, and seeks to console when the baby is crying. I may eat my words later, but for now I’m enjoying the true brotherly love that is existing in our home. My boys are created in God’s image, and Anderson sure seems to have a handle on this.

When I witness this love, patience, and compassion practiced by my older son, I cannot help but think of the beautiful love of God for me, and all who are created in his image.

In the times when I’m happy or whiny or hurting or learning about the world around me, he continues to love. He has welcomed me into his family with pure joy.

How beautiful are the feet of the three-year old who embodies this good news…of love, of compassion, and of welcome.

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